(About Adduco)
Adduco Consulting exists to release the leadership potential in others by helping them
maximize the use of their knowledge, experience and wisdom.  Our job is to release the talents
and resourcefulness of individual clients and client organizations.
Adduco Consulting, LLC
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San Antonio, TX,  78258

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Adduco Consulting, LLC.  
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ad-dūcō: verb, latin, [to bring or lead to] a person, place or condition; to influence
Adduco Consulting
We develop leaders
Dean Brown, president of Adduco Consulting LLC,   provides a unique
combination of technical experience, business acumen and organizational
development skills to the issues of today’s leaders.  Dean’s professional
experience includes university, retail, media and technology settings in
private and public companies.  

My job is to assist each client rise to the level of leadership challenge they
face in their career.  These can be leaders in transition, leaders preparing
for that nest step and leaders who are experiencing the difficulties of rapidly
changing business environments
Prior to forming Adduco Consulting, Dean spent the last 13 years with Clear Channel
Communications, most recently as vice president, IT staff development.  Having experienced
organizational life over the last 25 years in settings of all sizes and from the “field” and
“corporate” perspectives, he can relate to leaders who are small business owners, as well
as, leaders within a multi-national Fortune 500 publicly traded company.  Through Adduco
Consulting, he uses his experience to assist others in developing their leadership strength.  

Dean has an MBA from UTSA, with post-graduate studies at Fielding Graduate University.  
Additionally he has certifications in Ken Blanchard's Situational Leadership II
©, the Meyers-
Briggs Personality Type Indicator
© (MBTI©), the Bar-on Emotional Quotient-Inventory (EQ-i©)
and the Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP
©).  Dean “evidence-based consulting” approach to
development is client focused while making available as many of his tools and experiences
as possible to improve the leadership effectiveness of clients.