Adduco provides leadership coaching and facilitation services for individual leaders and
organizational leadership development needs.
Coaching services focus on developing leaders to be more effective though increasing their
personal influence.  Facilitation services enable leaders to increase their organizational
influence by assisting them through important organizational, team and group processes.
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ad-dūcō: verb, latin, [to bring or lead to] a person, place or condition; to influence
Adduco Consulting
We develop leaders
Coaching Services
Individualized and group coaching for frontline, middle management and executive

Skills-based Coaching is a blend of group cohort  training and individualized coaching to build
the following leadership competencies in frontline and middle managers:
Inspiring others
Developing and empowering others
Leveraging differences, strengths and personalities
Communicating effectively
Interpersonal connectedness

Executive Development is an individualized development program suitable for preparing a middle manager for the next career move or developing an executive in place.  Development
objectives are negotiated uniquely for each client and requires self-motivated learners,
committed to their own development. Potential competencies include:
Effective Decision-making
Leading Change
Interpersonal and Organizational Communication
Global Awareness
Business Perspectives
Strategic Planning
Facilitation Services
Assist leaders manage important, often urgent, group processes.  Through expert design,
collaborative activities and professional facilitation skills, Adduco allows the leader to focus on
content while we manage the process toward high quality outcomes.  Sample meetings and
group processes include:
Critical Decision Making
Strategic Planning
Technology Portfolio Planning
Technology Requirements Gathering
Issue Resolution
Focus Groups
Organizational Improvements
Business Alliance Planning